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m-prezz.com icon 13 What does M-PREZZ mean?
It is intended as some sort of abbreviaton for 'mobile presentations'.

m-prezz.com icon 13 Can I ditch Powerpoint, Keynote, etc?
No. M-PREZZ does not offer tools to create slides, but only a platform to display them.

m-prezz.com icon 13 Can anyone see my slides?
In principle, yes. Although they will not show up in search results, anyone with the right web address can access them. But they cannot alter or delete your stuff.

m-prezz.com icon 13 Will my audience incur bandwidth costs?
If they use a mobile device, then yes. They retrieve your slides over the internet. But they are resized ('downsized') when you upload them during the preparations. So this will not be such a big deal (except when someone in your audience is 'roaming' across country borders at great cost per MB).

m-prezz.com icon 13 Is M-PREZZ indispensable?
Well, that depends on your point of view. There's no dearth of software to share desktops and the like. All these programs do essentially the same (and more). But you must install software on all devices, which is a bit of a dealbreaker. So M-PREZZ has something new to offer, in it's own way.

m-prezz.com icon 13 Is It Free?
Yes, absolutely. But the number of presentations is limited to 3 per account. And the number of slides in a single presentation is limited to 20 (although this is more of a protective measure for the audience from overzealous presenters). And finally, any presentation which has not been used (viewed) for over a year is likely to be deleted. Since the site is paid for by advertisements, feel free to click on them once in a while;)

m-prezz.com icon 13 Does it work on any device?
We're sure that there is a device out there with which our presentations do not work. But we have seen it in action on a large number of products from Apple (iPhone, iPad, MacBook), Samsung & HTC (Android phones), Blackberrys of all sorts & types, and desktops, laptops & (wifi-enabled) e-readers from all leading manufacturers.

m-prezz.com icon 13 I'm having difficulties uploading my slides...
The uploader will only accept files smaller than 3 MB, with extension jpg, gif or png. If you are using a serious browser, you should be able to drag files to the browser window and drop them on the green box to start the upload. If you are not that much into drag & drop, you can also select files via an Open File Dialog which supports multiple selections, by clicking on the green box. If you are using another kind of browser (more specifically, Internet Explorer 9 or older), drag & drop will not work, and you will be presented with a search button and upload button, which unfortunately will only allow one selection and upload at a time.

m-prezz.com icon 13 What size & quality should I use for my slides?
All uploads will be resized so that the largest dimension (height or width) is 800 pixels or less, and then saved with hefty jpeg compression. So uploading files of more than 800 pixels in either direction or more than 200k is pointless, although not forbidden. The usual formats are supported: jpeg, gif & png.

m-prezz.com icon 13 How much info should I put on my slides?
Most slides contain way too much information. This is an even greater problem for mobile presentations. You should take a different approach for your M-PREZZ slides: strip half, and strip half again. Then you might end up with something that is readable on a Blackberry.

m-prezz.com icon 13 Must everyone in the audience have a device?
No. One in two is perfectly adequate, as long as people are prepared to share their screens (which usually has been the case in our experience).

m-prezz.com icon 13 How long does it take to get a presentation going?
Probably longer then it would take you to show the first slide on a beamer. But not that much longer. It might even be faster, as we've all fallen victim, one time and/or another, of some form of 'beamer blues'. However, when dealing with an audience of less than stellar tech savviness, be prepared to brave a lot of questions about QR-code scanners, mobile browsers, wifi and the like. This in itself is already an opportunity to act like the expert that you are, so this is a fun way to start your show.