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m-prezz.com icon 5 1 Open a web browser on your device and select the bookmark you've created earlier.
This will bring you (once more) to the control page of your presentation. It contains a QR-code (and web adress) for the page where your public needs to go with their device.
m-prezz.com icon 6 2 Help your audience get to the first page of your presentation
Your audience should scan the QR-code or enter the web address shown.

You could disclose this web address by chalking it on a whiteboard, sending it out by email (if you know beforehand who your audience will be), or printing out the QR-code in advance and pinning it to the wall. But it's much more fun to show the QR-code on your mobile to those around you, or to the webcam (for people to scan at the other end of the video connection).
m-prezz.com icon 12 3 Go!
After some hullabaloo, everybody will be on page 1 of your presentation, and you are good to go. Press the forward-button or back-button as desired, and all other devices will follow suit (after a few seconds at the most). Your captive audience can not flip through the slides at their own pace.

Of course, they might just shut down their device or browser altogether, if your performance is far below par... So the rest is up to you.