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m-prezz.com icon 1 1 Create your slides.
Do this any which way you want (whether in Microsoft's PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote, Open Office, Google's Presentation Software, etc.). Export the slides as a sequence of files (as jpeg's, png's or bmp's, with a command similar to "file, save as jpeg's"). Keep in mind that the slides will (probably) be viewed on small screens. Keep things very simple.
m-prezz.com icon 2 2 Upload your slides.
Log in to your account (or create an account if you have not already done so).
Then create a new presentation, and upload your slides to it. Afterwards you can rearrange,
delete or crop slides. Along with the slides, a QR-code will be displayed.
m-prezz.com icon 3 3 Bookmark the control page of your presentation.
This QR-code will lead any device with a QR-code reader to a page with which to control the progress of the presentation (i.e. it has a forward button and a back button). If you don't have a QR-code reader on your presentation device, you can enter the supplied web-address.

Bookmark the control page on your presentation device;
you'll need it at the start of your public performance.
m-prezz.com icon 4 4 Your preparations are complete.
So how do you give a presentation?