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m-prezz.com icon With M-PREZZ you can show your presentations anywhere where there's someone (willing to listen) with a web-enabled device. This is great when there's no beamer or large display available. Especially since ever more people carry their own device (the 'Bring Your Own' phenomenon).

m-prezz.com icon 5 You can control the slides with any device. So you could be zipping through them from your mobile phone, while your public is viewing them on their own device. Or while they are beamed onto the wall. Or both... You could even do this from the back of the theatre if need be.

m-prezz.com icon 10 Your presentations are hosted in the cloud, and therefore accessible from any location. There's no need for you and your public to be in the same place. You could be in a video conference or skyping with people around the world, and still be able to show your slides in your tempo.

m-prezz.com icon 11 Your presentations are publicly accessible by definition, since that is the whole point. Anyone who knows the web-address can see them (but not alter them). You should definitely not use them for sensitive or classified information.

m-prezz.com icon 9 So how do you prepare a presentation? Learn more....