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m-prezz.com icon M-PREZZ helps you display your slides on other people's devices. Be it a smart-phone,
tablet, pc, laptop or anything else with connectivity. It could work on a modern fridge too!

And there is nothing to install, since it all runs in the browser.
m-prezz.com icon 8 Of course, it's still up to you to create great presentations & slides.

But once you've taken care of that, this site helps you to show them,
even when there's no beamer or large display available.

Or when your public is physically elsewhere, and you are skyping or video conferencing.
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m-prezz.com: a step-by-step guide for creating & using m-prezz's. 1. Creating 1.1 Create your slides any which way you want (whether in Microsoft's PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote, Open Office, by taking pictures, or some other means). Export them as a sequence of jpeg-files (with a command like "file, save as jpeg's"). You should definitively keep in mind that these slides will (also) be viewed on small screens. Keep things very simple. 1.2 Log in to your account (or create an account if you have not already done so. A new account must be activated by way of an email which we will send to you. When looking for it, remember that it might have ended up in your spam-folder). 1.3 Make a new presentation by entering a title and clicking on the 'Create' button (this button will only be available to you if you do not already have 3 presentations in your account) . This will take you to a specific page for that presentation. 1.4 Upload your slides by clicking on the 'Select Files' button (this button will only be available to you if you do not already have 20 slides in the presentation, but at this point you are creating a new one). Select the slides on your hard drive. After the upload you will be shown a status report. Click the Ok button, and the slides will be added to your presentation. 1.5 Along with the slides, a QR-code is displayed. It will lead any device with a QR-code reader to the 'control page' for this presentation. Alternatively, on devices without a QR-code reader, you can enter the supplied url (web-address) to get there. Bookmark the 'control page' on your device., as you will need it during your public performance. It has buttons to control the progress of the presentation. This marks the end of your preparations. m-prezz.com: a step-by-step guide for creating & using m-prezz's. 2. Using 2.1 Open a web browser on the device with which you want to control the presentation and select the bookmark you've created earlier. This will bring you to the 'control page'. 2.2 On the 'control page', click the button leading to the 'startup page' for this presentation. It will open in a new window or tab, and contains a QR-code and (yet another) web address. 2.3 Show the startup page to your audience (either by walking around, or turning the display of your device to a webcam, etcetera), so that they can then use the QR-code or web address to point their browsers to your presentation. Alternatively, you can disclose the public web address by chalking it on a white board, or sending it out by email (if you know beforehand who your audience will be). 2.4 After some initial hullabaloo, everybody will be on the first page of your presentation, and you are good to go. On the 'control page', press the start-button, forward-button or back-button as desired, and all other devices will follow suit (after a few seconds at the most). Your captive audience has no possibility to flip through the slides on their own. 2.5 The technique can also be used in other circumstances: - Display your presentation by beamer (via PC), but control it with your mobile phone. - Display your presentation on the devices of your public, but control it with a laptop or desktop. - Display your presentation on a group of desktops (for example in a training room) and control it with the teacher's desktop. - Display your presentation on a device near your video conferencing partner, but control it with a device near you.